After the imposter is known, they will sabotage lights. To move on the spaceship use W, A, S, D, or the Arrow keys. Use the left-click mouse button to activate the codes, prepared the crystals, and other tasks.

  • For example, on May 6th, Redditor Catwhistle_ posted a history meme that received over 7,700 Among Us upvotes in five days .
  • The Among Us new map by InnerSloth is called The Airship, and as compared to all its previous map, this one is the biggest.
  • Below is a list of non-playable characters confirmed for the game.
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I also set all of the themed items up on a party table with the cake. It saves money from having to buy custom party-themed tableware. So that is my very brief overview of what Among Us is all about. Be sure to check out the InnerSloth website if you want more details.

How To Play Among Us On Pc

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How To Play Irl Among Us?

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The only people that can use vents are imposters and engineers. As you move around the map, you’ll see items highlighted in yellow. Walk up to them and press the triangle-shaped Use button on the bottom-right of the screen. This will either initiate a mini-game that generally consists of simple puzzles or objects to moveSome tasks have multiple parts. Yellow arrows on the screen or yellow exclamation marks on the map indicate where to go to complete tasks. One thing to keep in mind, however, is how inputting text for the Emergency Meetings and chats is more tedious on a controller.

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